Welfare for children home program at Don Bosco Sihanoukville, Cambodia


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Il progetto

It is the sub-activity under Don Bosco Children Fund Cambodia which is provided a proper care for those children or youth between 4 to 18 year of ages with special need especially for those who come from vulnerable families or orphaned or at risk.
They are realized on our support to ensure their education, but we are in short of funding while we are also facing difficulties to support other activities because one of the main problems, we are encountering at present is the funding for the salaries of our staff during this lockdown situation. We have tried in the past two years 2018 and 2019 producing our own funds for the salaries of our staff through our self-sustaining activities: technical production & services, running a pizza and ice cream house, and our hotel school, rental of our guest house and some commercial units we just put up through donations. Toward the end of 2019 many Chinese investors have pulled out from Cambodia because of the stricter policies laid down by the Royal Government of Cambodia, thus, affecting the decrease of our monthly revenue.

Furthermore, to ensure the proper facilities and environment for all the children then we need to renovate and do some extension works such as electrical, plumping system, beds, decorations as well as roofing & solar system maintenance.