Mammadu Italia Onlus

Mammadu onlus is the association that supports Mammadù in Namibia.
We perform activities and projects in our MAMMADÙ Center in Namibia for the benefit of children who come from destitute families and are in need and in distress.

We aim to improve the children’s living conditions concretely ; our interventions are mainly targeted at granting a good level of education in order to prepare the children for a better future.

We seek to

meet the children’s basic needs: water, nutrition, health and hygiene;
ensure adequate instruction to provide them with a better future;
promote fundraising initiatives and projects through contributions from members, benefactors and sponsors;
organize voluntary work opportunities for persons who are willing to dedicate their abilities and time to share growth and play opportunities with the children.
In 2012 the AIEA – Italian Association of Experts in the Field of Africa – honoured us with the Africa for People Award as the organization which supports the best project for African communities. Every year this recognition is given to organizations operating in Africa and working for Africa. The panel includes tour, guides, writers, journalists, biologists, photographers, directors and travellers who share a strong bond with the African continent and wish to spread their knowledge to a wider audience.

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