Who we are

Fondazione Italia per il dono ONLUS (Italian Foundation for Gift) came into being thanks to the contribution and support of Fondazione UMANAMENTE Allianz Group, Assifero (Associazione italiana fondazioni ed enti di erogazione), Fondazione italiana Charlemagne a finalità umanitarie onlus, Gruppo ERSEL Investimenti S.p.A., CFO Sim S,p.A., National Council of Notaries, INTEK Group SpA and the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Milan. The foundation is a new non-profit organization that offers philanthropic services both nationally and internationally to all those wishing to give form and coherence to their donations, but who cannot, or do not want, to create their own foundation.

At present, philanthropic intermediaries that can perform this service in Italy are rare and unstructured. For example, the excellent work of community foundations is, by its very nature, limited to the area in which those foundations exist, while other entities which collect donations from a third party only allow the donor to choose, at best, between a limited number of options. Such restrictions can make it difficult to ensure that the original philanthropic aim is fulfilled. Fondazione Italia was created to overcome and compensate for these deficiencies.

The functioning of the Foundation was trialed for more than two years by the Comitato per la Promozione del dono ONLUS (Committee for the promotion of donations), established on the 13th December 2011 with the aim of testing such an instrument in our country. The focused, thorough work of the Committee was able to reach all of its objectives in little more than two years and thereby ceased to exist with the creation of the Foundation.