Who can use the Foundation

Anyone, with large or modest assets, who wishes to contribute to social initiatives in Italy or abroad, be they structured projects or simple deeds. And, in particular:

  • Those without family inheritors, and others, who would like to set up their own fund through donations, or simply test the idea without having to dispose of assets.
  • Anyone who would like the memory of a loved one to become a continuing source of joy.
  • Those wanting to support a particular initiative while wishing to keep the ownership of assets separate from their management.
  • Public or private funding bodies that wish to save on costs and improve their quality of service.
  • Service clubs and informal groups of donors wanting to maximize tax benefits and simplify the administrative burden of their activities.
  • Non-profit organizations interested in maximizing tax benefits and their guarantees to donors.
  • Businesses, banks, family offices and investment institutions wishing to offer customers with philanthropic ambitions a new product and at the same time increase their loyalty.
  • Public and Private entities not wanting to take on the burden of creating and managing a private foundation, while also recognizing the need to pursue philanthropic objectives.
  • Families or friends who want to tie up “when-we’re-gone” funds for disadvantaged loved ones.