• Offer anyone who wants to donate, but does not have the means or intention to build their own foundation, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of institutional philanthropy recognized under Italian law.
  • Promote giving  by democratizing philanthropy through philanthropic brokerage.
  • Complete the spectrum of the Italian welfare state by promoting and encouraging donations (also via wills) and the use of potential private assets for socially beneficial ends.
  • Provide Italy with a social infrastructure, unique at national level as an instrument of philanthropic brokerage, and equivalent to the Fondation de France or the Fondation Roi Baudouin.
  • Develop an independent structure that can be used as a fiscal entity for social, cultural, or environmental fundraising campaigns, also in the event of natural disasters or emergencies.
  • To meet any philanthropic wish, assisting donors both in the management of funds and the identification of initiatives in the field.
  • Assist donors with Fundspending  without doing Fundraising.