• Thanks to the legislation governing  donations, the Foundation is obliged by law to respect the stipulations laid down by the donor regarding their donation;
  • In order to pursue its mission and ensure its growth over time, the Foundation guarantees to always pursue the donor’s objectives and to respect their will;
  • Thanks to a specific accounting system, full traceability of each operation relating to the use of donations, as well as periodic reporting to the donor, are guaranteed;
  • All information on donations and their use, not considered confidential by the donor, are posted on the Foundation’s website, providing complete transparency and accountability;
  • The Foundation gathers the reports and accounts of the initiatives supported and verifies that resources have been used exclusively as agreed;
  • The Foundation protects the donor from any dispute that may be raised by the tax authorities regarding the use of donated sums;
  • The Foundation has no business risk and therefore is not exposed to potential creditors that could claim the right to individual funds.