Economic Benefits

  • Donations are not taxable, and donors benefit from existing tax advantages;
  • Through the brokerage of the Foundation, donations made  to social projects belonging to non-profit organizations which are not ‘onlus’ (i.e. officially recognized as being non-profit), such as, for example, parishes, are also deductible;
  • It is possible to separate the time of the donation and its resulting tax benefit,  from the time at which the projects are financed;
  • The Foundation facilitates relations with other donors and can collect donations from the community to support the projects chosen by the donor;
  • The Foundation, in collaboration with the world of institutional philanthropy, makes available its knowledge of the non-profit sector, for example the needs and potential of a given region, to help the donor identify funds or projects that best match their aspirations;
  • The donor can take advantage of economies of scale in the management of their fund;