09/11/2016 – Press Release F.I.Do and I Love Norcia, together to start again

The Fund “I love Norcia”, established at Fondazione Italia per il dono onlus ( F.I.Do – Italian Foundation for Gift NPO) collects donations for socially beneficial activities suggested by Norcia’s citizens who want to go on living in their town.

The Fund “I Love Norcia” reflects the will to go on living in the places struck by the earthquake and the desire to rebuild on the beloved region. This Fund is the symbol of the love of everybody who lives in Norcia or has a special bond to this historical place. It is the resumption of an area brought to its knees by the earthquake on 30th October, 2016.

Everybody can donate for Norcia’s rebirth!

Press Release Fund I Love Norcia and F.I.Do