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  • 22/02/2016 – F.I.Do and the Order of Notaries meet at Ciessevi on bequests

    Wednesday, 22nd Feb., at 17.45 a meeting on “Solidarity bequests” at the headquarters of Ciessevi, Piazza Castello 3, Milan. The Order of Notaries and the Italian Gift Foundation will talk about the importance of  bequests. Monica De Paoli, Vice President of the Borad of Trustees of Fondazione Italia per il dono and Prof. Adriano Propersi, 
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  • 29/11/2016 – Cataniatoday.it: Marella Ferrera and Andrea Graziano, Sicilian excellences for I Love Norcia

    The Sicilian entrepreneurs Marella Ferrera and Andrea Graziano organized for Sunday, Dec. 11th  the event “I love Norcia”. Held at Marella Ferrera Museums&Fashion, it will launch the roll I Love Norcia, created by Andrea Graziano and his Sicilian Fud workshop. All donations will go to the Fund I Love Norcia, held by F.I.Do. http://www.cataniatoday.it/eventi/marella-ferrera-e-andrea-graziano-eccellenze-siciliane-insieme-per-i-love-norcia.html  ...